Danielle is a 16-year-old young lady who came into care with Agape. She had been with several foster homes with other agencies. They all said she was “not a good fit.” Danielle has had such an unfair start; her dad is out of her life, and she has no contact with her mom. She was neglected for many years while the people that should have been caring for her were too busy taking care of themselves instead.

Agape had just the right foster family for her, Jackson and Julie. They have a big family and even bigger hearts, so inviting Danielle into their home was an easy decision. She has jumped right into their family and likes to cook and participate in family activities with them, filling a void she has had for so many years.

Danielle is in school and is enjoying it very much. She was behind, as anyone would expect her to be after the lack of care she had growing up. With the help of her Agape social worker and foster parents they came up with a plan so she can catch up and will graduate on schedule. She is a hard worker, and we know she will meet this goal! School has been another great place for her to be with friends and feel like a normal teen for the first time in her life.

You would never know what Danielle has been through if you met her today. She is sweet, kind, respectful and has a very positive outlook on life. We believe a big part of why she is thriving is because of the home she is in. We want to open more doors for kids in foster care so they can have a home and family to care for them.

Thankfully she has a wonderful place to call home with a family that adores her! Not every child is given this opportunity, and we need to change this. We need to provide more homes for more kids, so they get the support and love that they deserve. This will not happen without your help.

Can you be generous and help us reach our end-of-year goal of $150,000 so we can help give children and youth like Danielle a place to call home?

Your donations give us the much needed funds to help us find, train, and certify new resource families. This gives us the ability to give a home to and help more foster youths.

Here is the great news, you do not have to do it alone! We have generous donors who want to match your donation dollar for dollar!! Help us raise $75,000 so that, with the match, we will reach our $150,000 goal.

We need YOU! Every child deserves a home, a place where they are safe, loved and cared for like Danielle has. You can help make that possible.

Let’s give these kids a safe home to escape from the worries of the world and be able to be loved for who they are.

Thank you for your ongoing compassion to the children at Agape and for your generous donation.

Merry Christmas!

Janet Kleyn, President

P.S. Please help us meet our goal of $150,000 by December 31, so we do not lose one dollar of the gift match!

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