Jonathan came into foster care with Agape about a year ago, after sixteen years of neglect and drug exposure. This is more than any child should have to endure. His dad was no longer in the picture, leaving a large void in his life. His mom was a heavy drug user causing so much chaos in his life. He never knew what state of mind his mom would be in and what strangers would be around. It was very unsafe in his home. His basic needs of school, food, and family were not being met.

Thankfully he was placed in a loving Agape home with Dante and Amelia. At first Jonathan was not happy to be in foster care, but he has slowly warmed up to the caring and patient family he is now with. He has especially connected with the new men in his life, his foster dad, Dante, and his Agape social worker, Steve. He looks up to these men and has started the healing process. Now he is enjoying school, making friends and participating in sports.

We do not know what will happen with Jonathan. Will his mom work her program and he will be able to go back home safely? Will he be adopted? Will he go to college? While these are unknowns, we are able to talk with him about the options and help him prepare for the best future he can have.

Teens are especially hard to place and we are beyond thankful for families like Dante and Amelia that open their hearts and homes to teens, like Jonathan, in need. This is not possible without our generous donors.

This is where our donors like you become our heroes! Supporting Agape with a financial donation helps us continue to provide loving homes and supportive social workers and staff.

We have very generous donors that want to double your dollar! Every dollar that is donated will be matched up to $25,000! Can you believe it? Give by September 22nd to double your impact.

Without families like Dante and Amelia, there will be more teens out there without the right love and guidance to become all that they were created to be. We want to help prepare these young adults to live successful and fulfilling lives.

We need your help! I am asking you today to give generously and send in a donation today to double your impact and to help us provide social workers for our foster families. This will make it possible for them to provide a safe and loving home for a teen in need, like Jonathan.

I know you care about children in need. I am so thankful to be able to write you today about this. Please help us.

For the kids,

Janet Kleyn, President

P.S. Please send your gift to provide crucial support for children by September 22nd to double your impact, helping kids in foster care.

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