Finding A Forever Family

Joey (age 5) and Tommy (age 4) were placed in foster care because of serious problems within their family. At first, because of behavioral issues, they rebelled against and struggled with the structure and disciplinary rules of the foster home. With firm discipline and loving and consistent care, both boys have developed a strong and healthy attachment to the foster family. Joey and Tommy became eligible for adoption some months ago, and without hesitation, their former “foster family” is now their “adoptive family” (and “forever family”).

Healing For All

Mary’s mother, a habitual user of illegal substances, verbally abused her infant child, Mary (now 19 months old). When placed with Agape, Mary exhibited no emotion and refused to play with toys. That all changed under the loving and tender care of her foster parents. Now her mother, attempting reform under a drug rehabilitation program, is working with the courts toward reunification with her child, and if and when successful, has asked Mary’s foster parents to become Mary’s “grandparents.”

Beating the Odds

Aaryn graduated from high school and is now in college, financed solely by student aid and seeking a degree in nursing. She is self-supporting, a remarkable achievement insofar as she had first come to foster care as a child of nine. She spent eight years in various foster homes, and became an Agape foster child when 17. She has remained close to her Agape foster family, and frequently babysits for them. Here’s what Aaryn says about her Agape experience: “I never would be here without the love and support of my Agape foster parents.”