Robert and Shenida Redditt have been caring for children as foster parents in California for 15 years and served over 40 children. They chose to join Agape a year ago after hearing about us from a friend. In their short time with Agape, they commented how they have sensed how much all of our staff really care about the children.

Shenida told about her mother and father being foster parents for years also, instilling in her a heart for needy children. Shenida and Robert have often said that “children are our future, we need to pour some of our goodness into them.”

They recently informed Agape that they will have to withdraw from caring for kids to refocus their efforts. Since Shenida’s father recently passed, she now realizes her mother and grandmother need their help in a much greater way. In communicating the announcement that they are leaving, they’ve said that “It’s never easy to say goodbye. The kids become a part of your heart.”

In a recent letter to Janet Kleyn, Shenida wrote, “I would first start off by telling you that Agape Villages has been the best foster care agency that we have been in. We have enjoyed being foster parents as we have seen the difference that can be made in a child who has been given ‘extra’ love. Showing you care and are there for the kids is monumental.”

We are grateful for families like Robert and Shenida who provide such loving care to children. Foster parents are our unsung heroes. They give sacrificial love every day to each and every child in our care. Foster parents are the best!