We hope that all of you are well. That you are safely sheltering in place at home. And that this will soon pass for all of us.

We want to keep you updated about the children, families, and staff at Agape Villages Foster Family Agency. We know you care about us and we care about you.

All of us at Agape are of course following the rules provided by the Government. We also immediately created a plan to ensure that our children and families are receiving the support and assistance they need.

Our social workers are able to continue their weekly “visits” with their families and children using their cell phones. Using that technology (FaceTime), they can talk and see each other. Through this means, our social workers are able to check in and provide support and reassurance.

The social workers are reminding the children to utilize healthy coping skills, such as deep breathing, journaling, and taking walks with their family. In addition, the social workers are supporting the parents, and reminding them to ensure that the children remain on a schedule as if they were still  in school (i.e. wake up at 7:30 and have breakfast, school work, break for 10 minutes, return to school work, lunch, school work until approximately 3 to 4 pm).

The families are also encouraged to cook and bake with the children, do puzzles, play board games, go for walks, color together, and teach the children a new craft or skill.

The Agape team continues to have our cell phones on 24/7 in the event our children or families need us. We encourage our families and children to remain positive while reminding them that this will pass.

Agape continues to be there for our children and families, as we have been there for more than 61 years.

For the children,
Janet Kleyn, President