Meet Tommy, he is 16 years old. Both of Tommy’s parents died approximately one year apart. Tommy was only 10 years old. Devastated and grief-stricken, Tommy moved into the home of relatives. The living arrangement was disastrous… Tommy came to Agape and began his journey in foster care. When Tommy came to Agape he was emotionally paralyzed and reclusive. He did not talk. He did not make eye contact. He threw violent tantrums. Tommy’s refuge from his pain was to hide in a closet. Thanks to you, ALL of that has changed!

For nearly 60 years Agape has devoted its resources to serving abused, neglected and abandoned children by providing safe, nurturing environments. For decades Agape has been a lifeline to children and families that were in despair, and we’ve remained steadfast in our goal to provide an opportunity to heal and grow through development of cutting edge programs and activities. Your continued support has enabled us to expand our programs, serve more children and impact countless lives.

Double Your Impact

We are so grateful for your support and we’d like to tell you about a unique opportunity. Thanks to the generosity of a Matching Grant Challenge by an anonymous donor, when you donate between today and December 31, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar up to $25,000. That’s right – you can double your donation to support the life-changing services Agape provides to children and families.

Think about that….think about how you can transform the life of a child or teen that has been caught in the grips of a painful and traumatic situation that is beyond their control. Every child does need a family, however that family must be one that cares for, and nurtures the child’s mind, body and soul. That is what we do at Agape.

Children and families rely on Agape to be a beacon of light; we rely on your partnership and commitment to fulfill our mission and vision. There are two ways to make your donation:  (1) Donate online, (2) Send a check or credit card payment by mail.

The Rest Of The Story…

As for Tommy, with the devotion of Tommy’s foster parents Larry and Jean, the dedication of Agape Villages Social Workers, the grace of God and Tommy’s personal resilience and unwavering determination, today, Tommy exemplifies success. He is currently a Junior in high school and is enrolled in a specialized program that combines the curriculums of high school with junior college – when Tommy graduates from high school he’ll receive both a diploma and an AA degree! Tommy’s in the process of obtaining his driver’s license, and by participating in various Agape Villages’ Independent Living Skills Programs, Tommy in on the path to self-sufficiency and a fulfilling, joyful life. In heart, mind and spirit, Tommy is truly a member of Larry and Jean’s family. Affectionately known as “Uncle Tommy” to Larry and Jean’s grandchildren, Tommy has found his family, and we all know, family is forever – we look forward to your continued partnership.

For The Children,

Janet Kleyn