Grace, a 6 year old girl, has had a difficult life so far. Prior to coming to Agape Villages, she was in foster care and subsequently reunified with her mother early last year.

Unfortunately, her mother continued struggling with a substance abuse problem and was unable to follow the safety plan required for caring for Grace. Her father was out of the home and was a registered sex offender.

Grace was then placed in foster care with Agape Villages with one of our single parent resource families. At first, Grace was very quiet, cried a lot (especially to see her mother), and would eat very little. Agape Social Worker, Courtney McAlister, was able to arrange counseling ser- vices for Grace to help with her adjustments. We are pleased to report that after several months, Grace is doing much better. She is happy, loves her foster mother whom she calls “Grandma,” and is gaining weight.

We continue to work with the referring County Department of Social Services as efforts are made to work out a permanency plan for Grace.