May is Foster Care Awareness Month. Within the 21 counties we serve in Northern California, there are over 4,500 foster youths that enter the foster system each year. Our goal is to reunite these kids, whose average age is 6 1/2, with their families. While reunification does happen most of the time, these kids need resource parents (formerly foster parents) to provide a stable, loving home for the average of 15 months that they’re in foster care.

Agape Villages is always looking for more resource families that can take in kids in foster care. You may think you’re not qualified, but the most important requirement is that you have a loving home. We have a wonderful resource of FAQ that goes into detail about the requirements. 

Hank Lawson, our Director of Church & Community Relations, has a word for you about becoming a resource parent. Please watch and enjoy. If you are interested, please contact us with the form below. If you know someone who might be interested, please share this with them.

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