From disappointment, discouragement, obstinacy and failure, to perseverance, change and the hope that comes with a second chance. For “David” (name was changed), it was a
two year journey. Here is part of his story.

David came to Agape Villages when he was 11 years of age as a result of enduring a long history of mistreatment from his family of origin. What finally triggered his entrance into the foster care system was his father getting caught locking him in a closet for an extended period of time.

For David, he wasn’t totally “blame free.” He reacted to his parents treatment with anger and belligerence. His behavior and attitudes continued on display at his foster homes. Yes, he had more than one placement. In fact, he failed his way through four different foster homes until he was placed in a therapeutic group home program. He was a challenging young man to serve.

The last foster home really tried, but finally surrendered to his resistance to work on things in his life. However, they never gave up hope and maintained a relationship with David while he was in the therapeutic group setting.

After completing the program 2 years later, he was placed back with this Agape foster family. He told Agape Outreach Social Worker, Dave Roach, that one thing he learned was people like his foster parents are what unconditional love is all about.

David is now 17 years of age and in the 12th grade. He has been described by his foster parents as having gone through a complete turnaround. He is respectful now, funny, and enjoys his family. He says “I have a loving family I can call my own.”

David’s happiness is evident by the facial expressions of love and contentment he has in addition to his cooperative behavior. He enjoys sports and everything related to physical activity. He is now on the honor roll at school and his teachers say that he is a role model for other children to follow. Yes, hope can be found in giving second chances and never giving up! We appreciate all those who help us serve youth like David!