When Ms. Kleyn asked me to write an article regarding children, foster care, etc., I first was inclined to decline saying I was too busy and/or had too many important things to do. Now, I am very glad I accepted.

When you look at the word orphan, we see “a child whose parents are dead or has been abandoned.” If we broaden the definition, we will see neglected or abused children. What are the reasons orphans, adoptions and foster care are not on many people’s radar? I believe, like me, many are too busy to think of helping someone else. We may think of our own children and the investment, time and energy we have put into them. Are we happy with the return? We may remember church members and youth groups, the time, money, energies spent, and looking back we may be wondering, was it worth it?

I would like you to look at these disenfranchised children differently. To see ourselves in these often poor, neglected, lost, abused children. Was there a time when we were without God, lost, poor (economically, spiritually, emotionally, etc.) and someone loved us, showed genuine care for us, spent time with us, picked us up, directed us until we were able to get up on our feet? Looking back, we see God’s hand every step of the way. Let’s all remember today that someone helped us so we can help others. The question at the table for the ones that have been helped is, was it worth it for you?