I recently watched a “Bonanza“ rerun about two young boys who had been abandoned by their parents. The younger brother did not speak because of the heartbreak he had been through. The older brother (about 10) was very protective of his younger brother and tried to take the place of his missing parents. A young couple wanted to adopt them, but finding the younger brother unable to talk, decided to only adopt the older brother. When the boys learned of their possible separation, they ran away. A lonely old gentleman who had lost his wife, befriended the boys and gave them unconditional love. His example convinced the young couple to adopt both boys and give them a caring home.

There is no such thing as a throwaway kid. Every child deserves a chance to reach his potential in life. Agape Villages is there to provide these children with a happy, normal life. What can you do to help? Please consider donating time in volunteer service with Agape, prayers for the success of the mission of Agape, or a financial gift to assist in this good work. You’ll feel like you hit a bonanza! I know!