I was working our fireworks stand one afternoon when a young couple approached the stand. I greeted them and told them that the money we raised went to help foster children. The man said, “I was a foster child once!” So I asked him to tell me his story. I was hoping for a positive one. IT WASN’T!

The home he was placed in treated the children badly. He said the only time they treated the children nicely was when the social worker was there. The social worker never asked the children how they were doing (so he said).

In that home, the children were locked in their rooms much of the time. Before the social worker came, they would call and let the home know they were on the way. So the children were let out of their rooms. I told him I was sorry that he was treated so badly. In reality, a CPS investigation should have occurred at the home and possible charges filed.

Unfortunately, there are times when we hear these kind of horror stories and it breaks our hearts. These few stories perpetuate the view some people have that ALL foster homes are like that one. It often coincides with the idea that foster parents are only in this for the money.

However, this is not the case. In fact, it is the farthest from the truth for the vast majority of situations. Foster care at Agape Villages, and at most all private agencies, is a sincere mission of love and service. We engage to make life better for the children and youth. Our foster parents do this work as angels of mercy and work closely with us at all times. Part of this does include unannounced visits by our social workers.

We want to be the agency that you are proud to be part of. We want to please God with the care we give to His children.